Most frequent questions and answers
  • The company provides warranty of 5 years on all woodwork.
  • The company will provide warranty on manufacturing defect only.
  • The company provides warranty on pasting of laminate and edgeband for all wood related items like shutters,boxes etc
  • All hardware have functional warranty of 5 years.
  • All manufacturing defects are covered under the warranty
    The company provides a warranty of 5 years on all products which get naturally rusted.

The warranty does not cover:-

    • Mishandling caused by the users
    • Banging of doors
    • Extra weight on drawers, channels.
    • Any water related issues or corrosion due to non maintenance of hardware
    • Screw loosing due to normal wear and tear (Please ask for AMC)
  • For telescopic channel – 40 kgs
  • For metabox / multitech channel – 25 kgs
  • For innotech channel – 30 kgs

The warranty does not cover:-

  • Any breakage caused due to extra pressure.
  • Use of sharp objects.
  • Negligence / tampering.
  • Rusting / damage due to water leakage caused from faulty civil work like granite sink, tile fixing, washing of kitchen furniture with water etc.
  • Damage caused by pests / damp / borer / termite in any of the kitchen or
    adjoining walls.
  • Damage caused due to chemical usage like lizol, acid, and solvent containing harsh chemicals.
  • The product has been designed for normal domestic use only. It is not for commercial use. Doing so will effect product warranty.
  • The warranty is an extra benefit and does not effect any legal rights and applies only to product purchased from Urbancrafts
  • The cost of repairs caused by unauthorised repairs.
  • Damage caused by natural calamity, accident, fire etc.
  • Contraction & expansion of rubberwood shutters, since they are natural product – it may cause change in size or it may bend,

The kitchen is the heart and centre of home – but it gets dirty fast. If neglected, apart from basic washing up and wiping down, the kitchen can get out of hand very quickly. You are therefore advised to go for regular maintenance for a long lasting kitchen.

  • Since modular kitchen is made of wooden material, it is therefore advisable to go for a pest control before installation.
  • Wiping off water from the slabs / counter tops. Kitchen should be kept dry & clean as much as possible. Wet utensils should not be kept in cabinets / drawers.
  • Go for AMC.
  • Try to dust the cabinets on regular basis. If you notice any stains then try wiping it with plain water and nonabrasive cotton cloth. After cleaning, wipe it off with a dry cloth.
  • Any moisture on accessories should also be cleaned and dried as soon as possible.
  • In case you notice any problem please feel free to reach us .You can also lodge your complaint through mail – sales@urbancrafts.in or on company whatsapp number +919999123557
  • Our trained fitters will attend the site  either on saturday or sunday and will solve the matter on spot.
  • On certain situations if the product requires a replacement then within a maximum time period of 7 working days your matter will get sorted out in case of minor defect. In case of major defect we will complete the work within 25 working days.
    Please note that the replacement with similar products – woodwork / hardware / accessories will be based subject to availability of the same. The company is free to replace the defective material with suitable products which fits in the requirement technically.

First two months of service is free of cost after handing over the project .After two months following visit charges will be applicable 

1.Delhi/NCR – INR 850 

2.Banglore –  INR 750 

3.Mumbai  –   INR 850

4.Pune      –   INR 650